Schubert Series

The Frederick R. Koch Foundation proudly presents The Schubert Series, a trio concert series curated by world-renowned pianist Adam Golka. The series showcases three compositions from among Schubert's best-known works performed by Mr. Golka, and also by pianist Yannick Rafalin and violinist Itamar Zorman.

The foundation's YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook sites offer a variety of performances presented for public education and enjoyment. The performance, recording, and sharing of these performances honors and perpetuates Mr. Koch's lifelong dedication to generously supporting all forms of artistic expression.

The Schubert Series was recorded at the Frederick R. Koch Foundation's historic townhouse in Manhattan at 6 East 80th Street. The house was commissioned by "five and dime king" F.W. Woolworth as a gift for his youngest daughter, Jessie Woolworth Donohue. It was designed by legendary architect C.P.H. Gilbert and built in 1915-16. Frederick Koch acquired the property in 1986 and began a decade-long conservation and improvement of the mansion. Its rooms are perfectly proportioned for chamber music and are also the repository of beautiful works from the late Mr. Koch's extensive collections of fine and decorative art, rare books, and other objets de virtu.