Live from Elm Court

Season 2

Live from Elm Court is the The Frederick R. Koch Foundation's inaugural series, recorded during the COVID pandemic at Frederick R. Koch's Elm Court Estate. Season 1 was curated by Daniel Schlosberg and Louis Lohraseb, and Season 2 was curated by Lohraseb.

The series highlights up-and-coming classical music artists performing in various locations inside Elm Court. Among other sources, the musicians drew upon the vast collection of original musical manuscripts that Frederick R. Koch donated to Yale and other institutions during his lifetime.

Season 2

The Frederick R. Koch Foundation proudly presents the return of the Live from Elm Court video concert series. The series, curated by conductor and pianist Louis Lohraseb, includes five episodes filmed at the Foundation’s Elm Court estate, featuring emerging classical artists giving intimate programs of chamber music and art songs. The episodes will stream for free on The Frederick R. Koch Foundation’s Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and, premiering the week of 03-28-2022 - 04-01-2022.

The first episode features sopranos Liv Redpath and Erica Petrocelli performing an extensive array of mélodies by Debussy, including a world-premiere of a new transcription of the beautiful but rarely heard “La fille aux cheveux de lin” for voice and piano, including the unpublished second ending that has never been performed, and exists in a manuscript donated to Yale University’s Beinecke Library by Frederick R. Koch. Episode two highlights sister chamber duo violinist Madalyn Parnas and cellist Cicely Parnas playing works by Jocelyn Hagen, Bach, Mark Summer, and Saint-Saëns. In the third episode, the Parnas sisters return with Lohraseb to perform a piano trio and violin sonata by Mozart. Episode four has clarinetist Narek Arutyunian and violist Chieh-Fan Yiu joining Redpath, Petrocelli, and Lohraseb for a program of Mozart, Brahms, and Schubert, including an exquisite performance of Schubert’s “The Shepherd on the Rock”. For the fifth and final episode, Petrocelli returns with Lohraseb and cellist Parnas for a program of mélodies by Debussy and Fauré, culminating in a trio for voice, cello, and piano by Amy Beach.

Music director Louis Lohraseb said of the Elm Court Series: “It was so special to return to Elm Court for another filmed series there, and to be able to collaborate with these wonderful performers and friends - including my wife Erica Petrocelli."

Each episode includes a brief interview with the artists, who share some thoughts on their programs. The series was produced by Saakvitne and Carl Halvorson, with video by Joey Moro, and audio by Ian Scot.

Episode I

Liv Redpath, Erica Petrocelli, Louis Lohraseb

A never-before-heard new transcription of  Debussy's "La fille aux cheveux de lin" direct from the Koch Collection makes its world premiere on this stunning recital! "These songs are really special to sing — Not only are you getting to know Debussy as a young composer, and what he was kind of playing around with, but you're getting to know him as a person." Soprano Liv Redpath's perfectly suited, light, high, lyric voice soars in this wonderful, all-Debussy recital, joined by Erica Petrocelli (soprano) and Louis Lohraseb (piano), part of our Live From Elm Court concert series.



Episode II

Cicely Parnas, Madalyn Parnas

Sisters Cicely Parnas (cello) and Madalyn Parnas (violin) come together for a riveting recital, part of our Live From Elm Court concert series, including an exciting first concert outing for Jocelyn Hagan's newly updated 'Miniatures For Cello Solo' as well as Cicely's own arrangement of a Bach double violin concerto! "When any performer gets onstage there are so many elements and so many relationships — Relationship to the audience, relationship to the music, relationship to your instrument and so, for us, I think we're very privileged that we bring this other element which is our relationship as sisters to the performance stage. And there's really nothing that can replicate that."


Episode III

Cicely Parnas, Madalyn Parnas, Louis Lohraseb

In another stunning performance from cellist Cicely and violinist Madalyn Parnas they're joined by an old friend, Louis Lohraseb, on the piano. "It's incredibly special on a personal level for the three of us because we all came from the same general environs, and grew up playing music together, and beginning our early careers together, and have sort of had these parallel lives in a way. We started playing trios together when we were all teenagers and now we get to come together once again for another fantastic collaboration!" Their all-Mozart program took shape after years of playing his music together and their mutual love for Mozart, adding their stamp to a long line of artists in love with the classical master's work.


Episode IV

Liv Redpath, Erica Petrocelli, Narek Arutyunian, Chieh-Fan Yiu, Louis Lohraseb

"Mozart is just smiling throughout the piece! It's all smiles, happiness and laughter, I can really hear him enjoying his time." This program, built around Mozart's 'Kegelstatt' trio, which calls for an "odd" combination of instruments tells pianist Louis Lohraseb. Clarinet, viola, and piano may not be often arranged together, but in this program they have a chance to shine! Besides the 'Kegelstatt,' Narek Arutyunian (clarinet), Chieh-Fan Yiu (viola) and Louis Lohraseb are joined by Sopranos Liv Redpath and Erica Petrocelli for Brahms' 'Zwei Gesänge' and Schubert's beloved 'Shephard on The Rock.'


Episode V

Erica Petrocelli, Cicely Parnas, Louis Lohraseb

"It's a great coupling of text and musical aesthetic. I've always been a great fan of Amy Beach's work and I think this is one of her best compositions" says pianist Louis Lohraseb. Beach's 'Chanson d'amour' is an "Aria of a song," says soprano Erica Petrocelli, who reminds that art song should not be thought of as any easier to sing than opera. This married couple had the opportunity to perform together in this episode of our Live From Elm Court Concert Series, and was even joined by cellist Cicely Parnas. The program also features a rare rendition of Fauré's 'Mai' with extra measures and alternate tempo markings from the composer's own autograph score, part of the Koch Collection.